Another fall! :-(

My left knee gave out under me on Wednesday morning as I was walking up the first ramp from the bedroom to the sitting room.  I don’t know why it buckled and can only guess that I wasn’t focused on locking my knee before taking my next step.

This is my fourth fall in 15 months.  I never fall backwards.  I go straight down onto my knees, with my toes bent towards the tops of my feet.  It took a lot of manoeuvring to get me down the passage and onto the bed.  Waves of nausea washed over me in response to the pain.

The first thing I checked once I was sitting on the edge of the bed was whether I could extend my lower legs.  I could, and immediately felt relieved as I dreaded another avulsion fracture which would have kept me off my feet for another 12 weeks as was the case in March 2015.   The tops of both my feet, though, are very swollen, sore and starting to bruise, and my right knee is a “delightful” shade of dark blue/purple.

My occupational therapist arrived this morning for our regular Friday session and brought her new Deep Oscillation machine which was meant for my hand but became therapy for my feet and knee.  All I can say is WOW!  The effect was immediate.  The swellings have reduced and so has the pain.  I can even wiggle my toes again.

I’ve started taking Arnica tablets to reduce the bruising and swelling, and my nurse is applying a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory cream, called Fastum, which our pharmacist recommended based on her personal experience with it.

I should be up and walking again in a few days.





About louisehasgbs

Still an optimist! Recovering from severe Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
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