Seeing the light

Finally!  The myelin sheath has regrown more than halfway down my right shin and impulses from a nerve stimulator make my right foot twitch!  I cannot describe the joy this gives me. There IS light at the end of this long tunnel I have been in since May 2013.

The therapies I currently receive, i.e. biokinetics and occupational therapy, can shift up a few notches to develop muscle strength now that the muscles are receiving more nerve impulses.

The biokineticist, “Martina”, is keen to experiment on me and I’m a willing participant. Her practice’s rooms are located at one of the Virgin Active gyms and I’ll also be able to use the gym’s hydrotherapy pool as part of my treatment as there is a hoist which can lower me into the water.  I’m looking forward to the day that I will be able to walk up and down the little steps into the pool.

Took another little tumble on Saturday morning because I over-balanced while trying to climb a little step up onto a pavement.  Very little damage done – just a few bruises and a slightly strained ankle which is a bit puffy but not sore.  Was almost immediately surrounded by people from the restaurant who saw me fall and who wanted to help us. The experience didn’t spoil our outing though.  I’ve accepted that falling once in a while is inevitable as I push the boundaries.

Have also managed to walk DOWN the ramps inside and outside our house in the past two weeks.  Knees, quads and glutes are making their comeback!



About louisehasgbs

Still an optimist! Recovering from severe Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
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