Still fighting for independence

So here’s where I am after two years at home, from my starting point of only being able to sit upright for one hour and not being able to stand or lift my arms from the bed:

  1. Hands and arms mobile, range improving, and finger-tip grasp a little bit stronger. Not strong enough to hold a pen to write with, but I can hold a pen.
  2. Learning to “squat”. Can bend both knees simultaneously for about a 5cm bend while holding on to something. Yes, I did say “squat”. Rome wasn’t built, etc.
  3. Can walk up a short shallow ramp and a short steep ramp with my rollator, but need to rest my legs before tackling the 2nd ramp.

I’m grateful for the progress. Spare a thought for those people with MND and MS who are losing their strength while I regain mine.


About louisehasgbs

Still an optimist! Recovering from severe Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
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2 Responses to Still fighting for independence

  1. You’re doing a wonderful job writing this blog for doctors and patients to understand and fight back neuropathies in a better way. I hope you a have speedy recovery and help others to the same. Best wishes,

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