“Pride comes before a fall” – Anon

Literally and figuratively…

I fell onto my knees on Monday while walking with my rollator.  It was a good walk.  I was lifting my knees up more, my feet were clearing the ground easily, and I was getting into a short heel-toe stride.  Even I impressed myself.  Then it happened.  One second I was was steadying myself to turn a corner into the kitchen, the next I was on the floor on my knees.

Jeff, my home-visits physio, was fortunately able to grab my arm (and I have bruises to prove it!) to prevent me from banging my head against our eye-level oven.

It felt as if someone had hit the tops of my tibias (a.k.a shinbones) with a 2×4.  And my toes also bent upwards at almost 90°.  The pain was quite severe and nausea washed over me.  Four days later, bruises are starting to appear on my feet and legs.  Leg movement was extremely painful and very limited on Monday but I could freely bend my knee by Wednesday and can now put pressure on my left foot in order to turn onto my right side in bed.  I don’t think that anything is broken.

It had to happen sooner or later, I guess, especially in view of the facts that I can’t grip the handles of the walker yet and still have inadequate balance while standing.  Do I want it to happen again?  Definitely not!  It’ll be walking in straight lines only for a few weeks when I do get back onto my feet.  The right leg is less painful than the left but there’s still a bit of swelling around both knees (but not as bad as on Monday and Tuesday).  I’ll delay walking until I go to hydrotherapy on Wednesday, when the bouyancy of the water will enable me to do some partial weight-bearing.

Poor Jeremy Clarkson also knows about pride coming before a fall.  Piers Morgan wrote an open letter to him which can be READ HERE.  It contains some good advice.

Top Gear won’t be the same without the current band-of-three as they had a unique dynamic going on between them.  Maybe the time has come for a new show format.  I still want to know who The Stig is, though.


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Still an optimist! Recovering from severe Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
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