Decisions, decisions. What Tablet should I buy?

Thanks to Google and user forums, I finally discovered a work-around to the Adobe Flash Player problem on Android Tablets.

What problem?  Well, Adobe stopped Flash support and development for Android devices in 2012 and I hadn’t been able to use my Tablet to view sites using Flash.  The alternative was to use a laptop but that was before losing the use of my hands, of course.

Due to the Apple/Adobe fiasco, my device options seemed to be dwindling but I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a solution.  Many search strings, forum visits, and useless alternative App downloads later, I found the solution: the Dolphin browser!  See for more info.  I will continue to use Chrome as a primary browser (it’s faster and I can copy-paste from WPS Office to WordPress) and only use Dolphin for sites needing Flash.

So, what will I buy when my current device contract expires in two months?  Probably a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.  Unless something better comes along by Nov/Dec…


About louisehasgbs

Still an optimist! Recovering from severe Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
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