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All excess is unsatisfactory.

Anything in excess¬†will generally lead to some form of dissatisfaction. Too much, too little, too soft, too hard, too bland, too spicy; the list goes on. Creatures don’t kill more than they can eat, or eat more than they can … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions. What Tablet should I buy?

Thanks to Google and user forums, I finally discovered a work-around to the Adobe Flash Player problem on Android Tablets. What problem? ¬†Well, Adobe stopped Flash support and development for Android devices in 2012 and I hadn’t been able to … Continue reading

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What’s do Emma’s granddaughter and I have in common?

We can both hold onto a firm surface, wobble on our feet, and take small sideway steps, like wary crabs, before our knees get too weak and gravity tugs our behinds towards the ground! Emma’s little cherub is 15 months … Continue reading

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